欢迎来新日暮里。设计这个网站的最初目的是想建立一个动漫爱好者的交流平台(wait, 王,你要做这个问过我了么?(逃 )。不过现在网站正在建设当中,如果你有建议或者想法,请务必在我们的论坛页面(Forum)上留言。感谢你的参与!:))

Welcome, strangers. This is ShinNipori, a newly built site for anime lovers. The website is still under construction. Please come back later and check it out. If you have any interests or ideas want to share, please feel free to post your thoughts on the forum page. Thank you! LOL

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This website was founded by 4 university students: Aspada Bao, Mingren Chen, Alan Meng and Icarus Zhu.


Mingren Chen
University of Toronto
Computer Science

Aspada Wang (AKA Aspada Bao, Aspada Si)
Carleton University
Media something

Icarus Zhu
Brock University
Computer Science

Alan Yin
University of McMaster
Software Eng